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Wolves is the characters of the Masha and the Bear series.

They are not so much scary as amusing characters often suffer from Masha, than they come out winners. There are not many wolves in the forest, but two of them are among the most frequently appearing characters. Wolves live in an old broken ambulance car (UAZ-452).

Their image is based on the well-known expression «wolves are orderlies of the woods» («Волки — санитары леса») — they are, in general, harmless and often provide medical assistance. They are not very good at hunting, so they must eat insects. Sometimes they try to get food in various ways — by working or stealing food from Bear's refrigerator.

Famous Wolves

Sly — appears from the very first series. He is lean, with a large head and narrowed eyes. He does not mind hunting rabbits or even Masha. However, in time they became friends.

Silly is a friend of the Sly. He is taller and denser, his eyes are wide open, which adds to his simplicity. In their pair, it's the Sly Wolf who comes up with various tricks and tricks, but the Silly Wolf always supports them.

The imaginary wolves are wolf cubs that appeared only once in the ep 62. Please, Sleep, Sleep!. They exist only in the imagination of Masha and the Bear, as part of a lullaby «A grey wolf will come at night, and will take of you a bite»" («…придёт серенький волчок и ухватит за бочок»).



Interesting Facts

  • Wolves — the fourth most of frequent occurrence characters after Masha, Bear and rabbits.
  • In the ep 55. Driving Lessons it turns out that wolves can not read, but in the ep. 52. See You Later they wrote a certificate with the conclusion: «it grows and grows up», and in the ep 05. Prances with Wolves a note with the words «Exchange» (Masha on the refrigerator).

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