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Rosie is the main character of the Masha and the Bear series. She is Masha's favorite pig.[1]

Rosie, dog and goat live outside Masha's house in her front yard but almost every time Masha comes out they hide themselves to avoid her. Loves to listen to music on the player, swim in a puddle and rest near it, like on the beach. He is able to play musical instruments. Creatively versatile. Her hobby is collecting beautiful leaves. The Pig is often forced to play with Masha, who makes it dress up like a baby in a stroller. Thanks to Masha met, and later became friends with Bear. A little bit afraid of wolves.

As a child, she was as impatient as Masha. Loved to get dirty in the mud, and disturb my mother from resting. For that reason mother often punished her.

She is the most frequently appearing character from the Masha's home. Unlike goat and dog, often plays the role of the main character.




  1. Kidding Around summary "Masha decides to show some care and attention towards her favorite pig"

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