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Rabbits is the characters of the Masha and the Bear series.

In the forest there are many hares. Very often hares appear along with hedgehogs and squirrels. One of them is best known, whom Masha calls Hare.


Hare is curious, but cowardly and weak-willed — he is easy submits on Masha's temper or brute force. In rare moments, he can show courage, and sometimes he can be angry if someone interferes with his affairs or rudely invades him personal space.

Hare — one of the few characters with a clearly traced storyline. In one of the early series, Hare, along with Bear, planted carrots in Bear's garden, but their goals were different. Bear wanted to get a record-sized crop, but Hare just wanted to eat, so when the carrots grew a little, they quarreled with Bear. From that moment the Hare began to regularly visit the vegetable garden of the Bear and steal the carrots. A little later, tired of Masha's harassment, Bear caught Hare, the stealing carrot, and made him play with Masha in «hockey» (stick with puck, but on the grass), since then they often play together.

The Hare lives inside a tree, where he has his own small room. There are a lot of books, a closet, a table, a couple of chairs and a few pictures with hares.

Hare has a hobby — to put carrots from pyramids like card-houses. Sometimes he grows his own carrots. As a child, he was very energetic and disobedient, because of what fell into the rework, for which he was punished by his mother.

The Magic Hares

These hares come from a magical cloak or other magical things from the Bear's chest. They are smaller and fluffier than forest hares and look more cute.



Interesting Facts

  • Rabbits — the third most of frequent occurrence characters after Masha and the Bear.

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