59 Дом Пингвинёнка

59. Game Over

The house where the Penguin is living is in Antarctica. It is very similar to the Bear's house, but it is made of ice.

When the Penguin was moved to live in Antarctica, he sent Bear his picture against the backdrop of the house. It is was not finished yet and looked rude. There were several ice cubes in front of the house (episode 23. The Foundling). Later, the house was finished, small details appeared, such as a «flower pot» under the window, a «lantern» above the door, side extensions, and «beehives» were cut out of the ice cubes. Also, the back of the house was covered with snow (episode 59. Game Over).

Inside the house, the interior also imitates the interior of the Bear's house, in the living room there is a striped chair, a «fireplace», a «TV» and a table — everything from the ice, an ice bookcase with real books. On the walls hang photos, including a photo taken in episode 32. All in The Family.

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