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Panda is a character of the Masha and the Bear series.

Panda is a Bear's young cousin or nephew from China. He and Masha are rivals, often bickering every time he comes for a visit, but they occasionally get along and have fun together. He loves wantons and all of chinese cuisine and bamboo.

He has a white body, and his arms, legs and ears are black. Around the eyes has dark spots in the form of glasses, and the neck is also a spot in the form of a bow tie. He is about the same height and age as Masha. When he is alone, he is a calm and problem-free child, but Masha forces him to be quick-tempered and causes a sense of rivalry.



Interesting Facts

  • Panda — the first and most frequently appearing «guest».
  • Panda and Dasha are the only «guests» who were at the same time present with Masha and the Bear, it was in the ep 64. Three Musketeers (not counting the appearance of all «guests» in the ep. 59. Game Over, because there the action takes in the imagination of the Bear).

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