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Moon is one of the places in the animated series Masha and the Bear.

It is a voluminous figure of a crescent yellow-orange color with craters. Its size is very conventional.

In episode 13. Hide and Seek Is Not for the Weak, Bear tried to hide from Masha on the moon, when they played hide and seek, but Masha still found him there.

In episode 30. Growing Potion, Masha grew so large that she reached to the moon.

In episode 70. The Star from the Sky the Bear, Masha and Panda were wrecked, falling to the surface of the moon, but used this incident to get an asterisk for the Female Bear. True, the missile managed to fall into a single and very small pit with shifting sand. In addition, here you can find a sign with the signature of the first person stepping on the moon — Neil Armstrong, the American flag, the Soviet Lunokhod 1, and in memory of his stay, Masha and Panda cut their faces and Bear on the moon, similar to the sculpture on Mount Rushmore.

Interesting Facts

  • The moon does not have a fixed size, it can be as small as a Bear — he is simply sits on it, and it's huge — a moonwalker is required to move around it.
  • In some series you can see the usual round white moon.
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