Mermaid (rus. Русалочка) is a character of the Masha and the Bear series.

The Little Mermaid lives in a lake on the river in a sunken ship. She is cheerful and friendly, likes to play and pranks, but in moderation. Can behave more calmly and be more diligent than Masha.

At the Mermaid, long hair of the color of a sea wave, braided in a braid, on the head of a diadem, similar to a starfish. The body and tail are covered with scales of a dark-turquoise color, which is as if «wearing» on a blue turtleneck. The face of the Mermaid is very similar to Masha, only her eyes are blue.


Interesting Facts

  • The Mermaid was voiced by Alina Kukushkina, who was Masha's voice in the early episodes..


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