Masha's Spooky Stories

«Masha's Spooky Stories» — the second spin-off of TV series Masha and the Bear. 26 episodes of spin-off went out from 2014 to 2018. Debut dates for English-language country listed per Treehouse TV — in February 2018.

Masha tells the audience «terrible» stories that turn out to be funny and instructive, and also teaches the audience nothing to be afraid of. This spin-off uses 3D-graphics (conventional) and anime (auxiliary).

Title Rus. Release Eng. Release
01. «Soul Freezing Tale of Grim Forest and Tiny Timid Bug» 26 December 2014 15 February 2018
One boy was so afraid of the water that he stopped washing himself and turned into a piggy! All his buddies ran away from him scared! But in the end he overcame his fear and began to wash his face and hands as he realized that the water can be safe and fun! The boy was very brave and even won a swimming competition!
02. «Super Scary Story of a Little Boy Who Was Afraid of Washing» 30 December 2014 15 February 2018
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03. «Terrifying True Story About Monsters And Those Who Fear Them» 13 March 2015 16 February 2018
This story happened on an abandoned tractor factory.

The boy lost a scoop from his toy-tractor and decided to look for it at the factory. So he goes up the stairs and sees a large female monster, who was about to paint her lips with a roller!
As he kept walking he noticed more monsters playing domino!
The boy was very terrified and about to cry, when he learnt that it was just a movie set and all the monsters were not real! They were just actors…

04. «Troubled Fable About a Kitten Who Was Lost But Found» 8 April 2015 16 February 2018
Like all the other children Masha was afraid of being lost until she heard a story about a kitten. He was just a kitten, but with one particular feature- he couldn’t survive outside without being lost. So once upon a time he chased a ball of yarn, onto the street, and was so busy playing, he didn’t notice that he got lost! He was terrified by strange environment and couldn’t find his way home!
05. «Nightmarish Kids Belief About Christmas Rhymes»
«A ghastly belief about New Year verselet»
29 April 2015 17 February 2018
What do you think is the scariest holiday? What makes children scared the most? Well, of course, it's... New Year’s Eve!

Crowds of adults visit you and ask to read poems out loud! Your thoughts are confused, the words get lost and poor children are unable to speak a word!
The same story happened with one little girl who was so afraid of the guests and Santa Claus that even a chair started to shake under her legs! But suddenly she overcame her fear and remembered one short poem:

Dear dear parents, please remember this!
Children can be patient but they can’t resist
When the guests are coming please be good and nice
Then the children learn their best advice!

06. «Grim Parable About Superstitious Girl»
«A gloomy parable of a superstitious girl»
1 June 2015 17 February 2018
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07. «Grim Testament About One Snotty Boy»
«A gloomy covenant about a snotty boy»
7 August 2015 18 February 2018
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08. «Grim Tale About One Girl Who Was Afraid Of Animals» 6 October 2015 18 February 2018
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09. «Horrifying Story of Grandmother And Grandson»
«A horrific story about a Grandma and her Grandson»
18 December 2015 20 February 2018
It happens that grown-up people have their own fears! For example, one grandmother was very afraid not to please her grandson. Whatever she cooked- nothing was good enough for him. Once she tried to give him a tomato, but he just threw it towards the wall! Grandma was very upset and left the house. And so he was left alone and scared- there was no one home! Much fear he had suffered until his grandmother came back! This terrible trick taught him a worthy lesson so nevertheless he was cranky ever after and ate with a terrible appetite!
10. «A Myth Full of Grief And Despair About One Historical Error»
«A full of despair myth about a historical mistake»
30 January 2016 20 February 2018
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11. «Panic Unbearable Legend About The Insects» 22 March 2016 21 February 2018
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12. «Troubled Story About Baba-yaga» 6 May 2016 21 February 2018
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13. «Sinister Saga Of A Sick Tummy And A Girl Who Was Afraid Of Doctors» 1 June 2016 22 February 2018
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14. «Fantastic Story About A Hedgehog, A Boy And Green Humanoids» 21 July 2016 22 February 2018
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15. «Horrible True Story Of How A Boy Was Transferred To Another School» 16 September 2016 23 February 2018
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16. «A Terrible Tale About A Cow Herder On A Stump» 31 October 2016 23 February 2018
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17. «A Ghost Bike Saga Which Makes You Shiver» 13 January 2017 24 February 2018
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18. «Scary Story About Spooky Stories» 17 March 2017 24 February 2018
Are you sure that you really like spooky stories? What if this kind of story will get you really thrilled? Listen to one classic story and don't say that you are not shocked after all!
19. «Creepy Tale About Useful Inventions» 28 April 2017 25 February 2018
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20. «Gloomy Story About the Darkest Dreams» 23 June 2017 25 February 2018
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21. «Terrible Legend about Thunder and Lightning» 31 July 2017 26 February 2018
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22. «Terrible Truth about Those Who Are Afraid to Be Little» 22 September 2017 26 February 2018
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23. «Bloodcurdling Saga about Joyful Event» 10 November 2017 27 February 2018
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24. «Monstrous Tale about Tall and Short» 1 December 2017 27 February 2018
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25. «Frightening Incident at the Circus» 26 January 2018 28 February 2018
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26. «Shocking Story about a Girl Who Was Afraid of Everything» 16 March 2018 28 February 2018
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