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Masha (rus. Маша) is the titular protagonist of the Masha and the Bear series and also the storyteller in spin-offs Masha's Tales and Masha's Spooky Stories. In the episode 75. That's below!, she was temporarily assigned as the Queen Marianna 101st (rus. Марианна 101-ая).

She is a restless little girl who can hardly stand still due to her having lots of energy. She's curious and nosy, which makes her want to know everything and be everywhere at once. She likes to examine and try everything she comes across. She's always in high spirits and doesn't fear anything or anyone. Like any other child, she considers herself the center of the world and thinks that everything must obey her whims and wishes. She's friendly to everyone and believes she can never have enemies because she's so lovable. She treats everyone as if she has known them for a long time, but her best friend is Bear. Masha likes sweets, especially lollipops, as demonstrated in the ep. 33. Sweet Life. She's friendly and innocent, but also mischievous and curious. She is not liked by animals living near due to her often selfish and destructive behavior.


Masha has fair skin, short honey-blonde hair, green eyes, rosy cheeks and a slender figure. She usually wears a pink kerchief, a sarafan of the same color, a long-sleeved bluish-white shirt underneath and multi-colored pink-yellow-white sneakers. She is friendly and well-meaning, but has a tendency to get in others' ways. On the question of why Masha does not grow up, the creators of the series joked that "she had conspired with Peter Pan".[1]


Masha is a quite intelligent girl, as can be judged from the ep. 55. Driving Lessons in which she rebuilds wolves' car (UAZ-452) for them.

She also can be pretty cunning as shown in the ep. 37. Bon Voyage in which she hides in the Bear's suitcase when he tried to secretly go on a trip without her.

Although she constantly conflicts with Panda she works together with him when Himalayan Bear was babysitting them. This shows that she can put aside differences to protect her friend.

Many times she helps Bear by setting him up with Lady Bear whom Bear adores.

Lastly, she possesses leadership qualities as shown in the ep. 68. Additional Entertainment in which under her guidance Bear, Lady Bear, Rival Bear and Bear's father play in a quartet that wouldn't have happened without her participation.

Abilities and skills

She can do the moon walk and squints eyes from time to time. She is good at hand-to-hand combat techniques. She also knows how to cook jam and perfectly plays chess and tennis. Lastly, she can play the electric guitar and some other musical instruments.


Neither parents nor other adult relatives of Masha have never shown up. However, this does not mean that she does not have parents, they simply "are not suitable for a fairy tale" and "too busy, shy and do not want to act in a film".[2][3]

In addition, Masha has cousin Dasha living in the city — "such a cousin, as a sibling".[4]

Personal belongings

18 Дом Маши

Masha's house

Masha lives in a detached house in a railway station somewhere in central Russia. If believe the postal index from the ep. 23. The Foundling, the houses of Masha and the Bear are somewhere near Tyumen.

In the courtyard of her house live the pig Rosie, the dog, the goat, chickens and the rooster, who all seem to be terrified of Masha and her pranks.

In addition, she has many different things:

  • It is pink outfits of a sarafan and kerchief. Masha wears them more often than others because they is her favorite. Apparently, she has at least two such outfits since in the ep. 36. Two Much Masha lent her cousin Dasha one of them.
  • It is several similar outfits of other colors. Bear made them for Masha in the ep. 18. Laundry Day.
  • It is other clothes (winter coats and hats, a Snow Maiden costume, a school uniform, a superhero costume, pajamas and a lot more).
  • It is Masha's Toys. Masha's favorite toys are a doll and a little bear. A large blue plush rabbit often acts in her games as a "villain". Masha also has many other toys, mostly they look like Soviet-era toys.
  • It is robot Mashuko. She was presented to Masha by Panda for her birthday in the ep. 60. At Your Rules!.

Interesting facts

  • Her favorite sport is hockey (it is not surprising considering the fact that hockey is Russia's national sport). In this sport, she is considered the best among all the characters of the series.
  • She has a huge appetite (for example in the ep. 06. Jam Day, it is shown that she herself ate all five baskets with apples and berries, which Bear wanted to use for jam).
  • She says "oy" when she falls or when something bad happens.


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