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Masha (rus. Маша) is the main character of the Masha and the Bear series. She is a Slavic Russian girl who lives in Tyumen and is six years old.

She is a restless little girl who can hardly stand still due to her endless energy. She must know everything and be everywhere at the same time. Her curiosity and nosiness are off any scale and know no boundaries. Everything she comes in contact with must be thoroughly examined and tried on. She never feels down and hardly fears anything or anyone. Much like any child, she believes herself to be the center of the world and everything must obey her whims and wishes. She's friendly beyond any description as she firmly believes that she can never have enemies simply because she's so lovable. She treats everyone as if she has known them for ages. She is friends with everyone, but especially Bear.

Like any small child, Masha likes sweets, especially lollipops. In the episode 33. Sweet Life, Masha demonstrates this to the extreme. She is a friendly and extremely innocent, but has a mischievous and curious streak.

She is not liked by the other animals due to her often selfish and destructive behavior.

As a child she is not desirable because she is bratty and disobeys and not to be emulated.

Physical Appearance

Masha has chin length honey-blonde hair, tied in a topknot, green eyes, rosy cheeks with freckles, fair skin and has a slender figure. She usually wears a pink hoodie, a long-sleeved bluish-white shirt under a pink overalls dress and pink, yellow and white sneakers.

She has slapdash but friendly and well meaning ways, but has a tendency to get in other's way!

On the question of why Masha does not grow up, the creators of the show joked that «she had conspired with Peter Pan»[1].

Personality of Masha

Although Masha is annoying and irritating by her nature as can be judged by most of the episodes. She is actually very intelligent when it comes to applying her brains to figure out some application. She is a child genius which we come to know when she builds a van for the wolves.

When the bear was sneaking away on a vacation without her, she busts the bear by hiding in the suitcase and shows the viewers that she is clever.

She blatantly disproves the dumb blonde myth by her actions in the show

Although she fights with the Panda she helps him when the Black Bear was babysitting them.This shows her side where she is united to fight for her friends.

Many a times she helps the Bear by setting him up with the Female Bear whom the bear adores. She is the one who suggests him that she loves modern music.

There are times in the show where she shows that she can be nice and considerate when she wants to. We see that in the 68th episode she helps to finish the Quartet which was being made impossible due to rivalries between the two male bears.


Parents or other adult relatives of Masha have never shown up. However, this does not mean that she not have parents, they simply «are not suitable for a fairy tale» and «too busy, shy and do not want to act in a film»[2][3].

In addition, in the city of Masha there is sister Dasha«such a cousin, as a sibling»[4].

Personal Belongings

Masha's house

Masha lives in a small yellow house in a railway station somewhere in central Russia. If believe the postal index in the ep. 23. The Foundling, the houses of Masha and the Bear are somewhere near Tyumen.

In the courtyard of her house live a pig Rosie, 3 chickens, a dog and a goat, who all seem to be terrified of Masha and her antics.

In addition, she has:

  • A cerise dress set. This suit is her favorite, so she wears it more often than others. It is assumed she has 2 or more, as she lends one to her sister Dasha in 36. Two Much.
  • Several other dress sets. Bear makes these for Masha in the ep. 18. Laundry Day. Whether she keeps them is unknown, but she keeps the pale blue one as it is seen in 40. Terrible Power.
  • Other costumes for special occasions. They can be seen one or two times. This winter coat and hat, a Snow Maiden costume, a school uniform, a superhero costume, pajamas and others.
  • Masha's Toys. Masha's favorite toys are a doll and a bear. A large blue plush rabbit often in her games acts as a «villain.» Masha also has many other toys, mostly they look like Soviet-era toys.
  • Masuko is the robot that Panda gave Masha for her birthday.


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