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The magic chest or chest of the magician is a large blue chest in Bear's house, the legacy of him circus past.

In the chest are many different things, most of which are the clown's props Bear: a wig, a red nose, bright shoes with large noses, a lot of balls, rings and juggling clubs. But there are also objects with magical properties. Here is a list of some items:

  • 21. Home Alone — a magic hat that gave a gifts for the new year.
  • 25. Hokus-Pokus — several items at once:
    • magic wand on batteries;
    • gloves moving the broom at a distance;
    • a raincoat from which rabbits appear;
    • the chest itself with a quite ordinary double bottom and a magical carryover in space.
  • 41. Hat Trick — Сap of Invisibility in the form of a peaked cap.
  • 64. Three Musketeers — from the chest the musketeers got themselves hats and colored feathers.