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This page contains a list of all the episodes of the Masha and the Bear animated series.

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Season 1

Title Release Year
01. How They Meet 7 January 2009
Masha walks into the forest where she finds a cozy-looking Bear’s house, who at this moment has just gone fishing. Upon his return, he discovers his lovely house in shambles. The Bear does his best to get rid of the pesky guest, but when he succeeds, he suddenly feels anxiety for the little child he left in the forest. The Bear rushes to find her and finally discovers her in his own house, cleaning around.
02. Don't Wake Till Spring! 8 January 2009
In the late autumn, the Bear falls into a hibernation, previously barricaded in his home from Masha. But Masha still gets into the Bear's house, arranges mess and awakens the already asleep bees. But any mess sometimes ends, and while the Bear is cooking the porridge, Masha falls asleep.
03. One, Two, Three! Light the Christmas Tree! 9 January 2009
The Bear adores Christmas so much he wakes up just to celebrate it. He decorates the house and waits for Santa to come, but Masha arrives instead and the holiday turns into a disaster: the tree burns down and Santa gets into an accident. The entire forest could be left without presents. But Masha and the Bear do their best to fix it and they celebrate Christmas like never before.
04. Tracks of Unknown Animals 5 February 2009
The first snow falls and the Bear decides to teach Masha how to distinguish the tracks of different animals. Masha is quite far from being a good student and brings the poor Bear almost to madness. But to his great surprise it turns out that some of her answers were not as absurd as they seemed to be.
05. Prances with Wolves 15 March 2009
The Wolves come with a plan to kidnap Masha and demand that the Bear pay a ransom. However the Bear is pleased to find Masha gone and he does not rush to pay. Meanwhile Masha turns the Wolves' lives into a nightmare and they end up paying the ransom to the Bear just to get rid of her once and for all.
06. Jam Day 22 March 2009
The Bear decides to harvest berries to cook jam. This idea is literally up to Masha’s taste. She tries everything and comes up with a few new flavors making the Bear’s dinner unforgettable.
07. Springtime for the Bear 3 April 2009
While running around the forest, the Bear stumbles upon a beautiful She-Bear and quickly falls in love. Of course, Masha ruins all of his plans. The Bear does his best to get rid of her until the She-Bear leaves with his rival.
08. Gone Fishing 2 June 2009
The Bear goes fishing. Masha appears and transforms a pleasant fishing trip into a nightmare. The Bear makes a fishing rod for Masha in order to entertain her and she immediately catches the Goldfish and makes three wonderful wishes.
09. Call Me Please! 25 March 2010
A funny interpretation of the old fable about «the boy who cried wolf». The Bear gives Masha a cell phone so that she will be safe. Masha’s repeated calls for trivial reasons result in the Bear not answering the phone when she does find herself in real danger.
10. Holiday on Ice 7 September 2010
Masha wants to learn ice skating. But there's nobody around to teach her because the Bear has fallen asleep. However this does not deter Masha at all. She puts roller skates on his feet and rolls him out towards the frozen pond where he eventually wakes up. Now he has no choice but to teach the impatient girl how to ice skate.
11. First Day of School 14 September 2010
Masha, like all the kids wants to go to school and asks the Bear to make her one. Overwhelmed with enthusiasm, the Bear completes the task and the next day Masha sits at a brand new desk and tries to act as an attentive student.
12. No Trespassing! 16 September 2010
The Bear patiently waits to collect the harvest of carrots. And so does the hungry Hare. The Bear comes up with an apparently brilliant solution — to make Masha chase the pesky Hare away from his garden. But his plan works out in a completely different way.
13. Hide and Seek Is Not for the Weak 23 March 2011
Masha wants to play hide and seek. Like many little children Masha «hides» by simply covering her eyes with her hands as the Bear decides to hide himself properly. He chooses the most incredible places. But nevertheless Masha finds him every time and each time demands that he continue to play with her.
14. Watch Out! 27 March 2011
The Bear wakes up in his chair with an enormous bump on his head and a biathlon cup. But he can't remember how it all happened. Masha and the hare stand beside him with guilty looks on their faces. They tell their interpretations of the story. The Bear has to decide which one is true and which is false.
15. Little Cousin 9 April 2011
The Bear's little cousin, Panda, comes over to pay a visit. Masha immediately wants to pal up and spend time playing games. A competitive spirit arouses in our heroes as they can't share anything between each other. The Bear quickly figures out that if he leads their rivalry in peaceful direction, they could greatly help him around the house.
16. Get Well Soon! 10 April 2011
Tired from Masha's endless games, the Bear pretends to be sick so she will leave him alone. But the caring girl is determined to cure her friend. And after a series of failed attempts, she finally manages to do so.
17. Recipe For Disaster 15 April 2011
The Bear plays checkers. Masha interrupts his game by asking him to feed her. He cooks some porridge and goes off in a huff. Masha decides to cook porridge herself. But soon it swells out and as a result all of the forest animals will remember this day for a long time…
18. Laundry Day 26 April 2011
The Bear sets up his laundry in his yard, with no idea that he will soon pull Masha out of several dirty messes that she gets herself into. And each time the Bear makes Masha a new clean outfit to wear.
19. The Grand Piano Lesson 13 May 2011
The bear finds a beautiful black piano in the forest. He happily takes it home, fixes and tunes it and begins to play some music. Masha couldn’t help staying away from this lovely instrument. She decides to become a world famous pianist, she asks the Bear to teach her how to play the piano.
20. Stripes and Whiskers 24 May 2011
The Circus Tiger visits his old friend Bear. The whiskered and stripped cat is utterly bewildered by Masha's behavior and tries everything to get rid of her. Nevertheless his changes his mind when he gets lost in the forest and Masha saves in the middle of the night.
21. Home Alone 28 December 2011
Miracles always happen on New Year’s Eve. Masha finds a magical hat that grants gifts to all of the forest dwellers. She spends the evening running around in a clown outfit bringing joy to all of her friends.
22. Hold Your Breath 5 August 2012
Bright summer day. Bear, while gathering berries, meets female bear in the forest and arranges a date with her. Returning home, he starts cleaning the house and baking a pie. Once the pie is done, the Bear decorates it with strawberries. Masha eats them before starting to hiccup. The Bear tries all manner of remedies from a medical encyclopedia to stop the hiccups. In the end, hiccups spread to everyone including all other forest inhabitants.
23. The Foundling 7 August 2012
Occasionally Masha finds an egg, from which a penguin hatches. The Bear has to take double care now. He cooks special dishes and builds mini aqua park for little penguin and Masha. Finally the Bear figures out that the penguin will be happy only in suitable weather conditions and send the penguin Antarctica on a little plane.
24. Bon Appétit! 15 August 2012
Panda — the Bear’s distant relative pays one more visit to the Bear. They start making Chinese dumplings, but then Masha appears, with her own methods of cooking. And a simple cooking turns into a culinary master class with butterflies!
25. Hokus-Pokus 17 August 2012
It is raining cats and dogs outside and the Bear is going to read a book. He is sure that Masha will stay home in such nasty weather. But soon Masha shows up on his doorstep and also wants to read. The Bear make up his mine to engage the girl with magician’s box. Masha starts to test all the magic tricks on the Bear and he realizes that it was not a great idea. In order to have some spare time on reading, the Bear decides to hide in magician’s box, but Masha makes even more interesting trick out of it.
26. Home Improvement 22 August 2012
The Bear's idea to hang a new picture frame on the wall ends up with huge explosion. The Bear has to start a great repair. Masha and the other animals help Bear with this difficult job.

Season 2

Title Release Year
27. Picture Perfect 1 October 2012
On a fine winter day Masha and the Bear find inspiration to start painting. Masha borrows paints with a tiny canvas and begins to make paintings of everyone in the forest. As a result, Masha's artistic endeavor enlarged not only on the animals but the surroundings as well.
28. Horsing Around 4 October 2012
The Bear's good friend, the Tiger, is back for a visit and they decide to spend the time together in an intellectual way — playing chess. Masha is immediately drawn into the game and to everyone's surprise, she outsmarts and outplays both the Bear and his friend with just one chess figure.
29. One-Hit Wonder 7 October 2012
Masha decides to help the Bear to win the heart of his beloved Female Bear. To do so, Masha puts organize her own rock band and shoots a music video. The hare plays on drums, the wolves play on piano and Masha rocks out on a guitar! This is something that the forest inhabitants have never seen before.
30. Growing Potion 5 June 2013
While inspecting his garden, the Bear notices that his tulips are not doing well. At that moment, he sees his rival, the Himalayan bear, walking by with the Female Bear. The Bear is fed up with mockery and decides to make the ultimate growing potion. He latches himself in his closet that he has transformed into a chemical lab. But then Masha appears and does her best to get the growing potion.
31. Swept Away 9 June 2013
Masha and the Hare are having an epic game of hockey. When the game is at its peak, Masha goes off to find the missing puck and stumbles upon a broom. Now this is much better than a hockey stick and Masha gets an idea. But it turns out the broom can be used for things other than hockey.
32. All in The Family 17 June 2013
Once upon a time in winter the Penguin boy visits the Bear. He tries to entertain him and involve him in various activities but the Penguin spends most of the time playing with Masha. Again and again, the Bear is unable to get the Penguin's attention and becomes upset. Masha notices this and gets an idea of how to fix that.
33. Sweet Life 22 June 2013
BearToysMasha wants some sweets but first she has to transform the Bear's kitchen into a candy-making factory. As we all know, such sweet life means trouble and soon Masha gets a toothache. There is a lesson for all children who love sweets — take very good care of your teeth!
34. Just Shoot Me 10 October 2013
While the Bear is busy mending Masha's pretty dresses, she rummages through his closet and finds an old camera. She takes a photo and discovers that she has a talent for photography. She then decides to test her skills and arrange a photo session for all the forest animals.
35. Kidding Around 11 October 2013
Маша вновь решает проявить заботу о своей любимой деточке — свинье, но её старания оборачиваются чередой неприятностей для всех лесных жителей. Спасаясь от скорой на помощь Маши, звери оказываются в доме у Медведя и начинают наперебой возмущаться её поведением.

Но тут Медведь, задумавшись, вспоминает свое детство и предлагает другим тоже вспомнить, каково это — быть маленьким.

Masha again decides to take care of her beloved baby - a pig - but her efforts turn into a series of troubles for all forest residents. Fleeing an ambulance to help Masha, the animals find themselves in the house of the Bear and complain at her behavior. But then the Bear recalls his childhood and invites the others to also remember what it feels like to be small.

36. Two Much 16 October 2013
К Маше в гости приезжает ее сестрёнка Даша. Внешне они похожи, как две капли воды, но по характеру такие разные! Даша строгая и аккуратная. Маше не терпится поделиться радостью с Медведем, и она ведет Дашу к нему в гости — знакомиться. И вот тут начинается самое интересное.

Her cousin Dasha comes to visit. Outwardly they look like two drops of water, but they are so different in character! Dasha is strict and neat. Masha is eager to share her joy with the Bear, and she leads Dasha to visit him - to get acquainted. And here the fun begins.

37. Bon Voyage 19 October 2013
Что нужно для настоящего большого путешествия?! Один Медведь, один чемодан и… одна Маша. Вот только далеко ли они уедут в такой компании…?

What is needed for a real big trip?! One Bear, one suitcase and... one Masha. But how far will they go in such company?

38. Trading Places Day 27 October 2013
The Bear recalls his past accomplishments in circus and recreates some of his signature tricks on a unicycle. Unfortunately, he trips and falls on his head. Suddenly everything about him starts to suspiciously resemble Masha and her childish behavior.
39. The Thriller Night 1 October 2014
Из-за сильной грозы Маше приходится остаться у Медведя. Но как же отправляться спать без доброй сказки на ночь? Мог ли Медведь предположить, чем обернётся его идея оставить Машу перед телевизором без присмотра?

Due to a severe thunderstorm, Masha has to stay with the Bear overnight. But how to go to bed without a good bedtime story? Could the Bear have guessed that leaving Masha in front of the TV unattended would be so disastrous?

40. Terrible Power 6 October 2014
Masha wants some sweets but first she has to transform the Bear's kitchen into a candy-making factory. As we all know, such sweet life means trouble and soon Masha gets a toothache. There is a lesson for all children who love sweets — take very good care of your teeth!
41. Hat Trick 8 October 2014
Медведь ведет отчаянную борьбу с прожорливой молью, которая завелась у него дома. Пытаясь спасти свой сундук фокусника, он выставляет его на крыльцо, а Маша находит в нем шапку-невидимку…

The Bear is caught in a desperate struggle with a voracious moth which wound up at his house. Trying to save his magician's chest, he puts it on the porch, and Masha finds an invisible hat inside...

42. And Action! 17 October 2014
Masha and the Bear decide to shoot a movie, but they are arguing about the plot. So what will be the movie about? About spies, monsters or the distant worlds? Or maybe there is a more interesting idea?
43. Self-Made Hero 22 October 2014
Masha decides to try on the role of superhero: she bravely rushes towards exploits, but all the animals somehow laugh at her hand-made costume and naive desire to rescue them. Who would have thought that Masha’s courage will truly help to save everyone? It turns out that the superhero costume is not the most essential thing to perform heroic acts.
44. Once upon in a Year 25 October 2014
Наступил день рождения Медведя. Все лесные обитатели собрались в его избушке, чтобы поздравить его и подарить подарки. Увидев это, Маша решила серьезно подготовиться и к своему дню рожденья. Теперь ни у кого из зверей не будет шанса забыть о ее празднике и списке подарков.

The birthday of the Bear has arrived. All the forest inhabitants gathered in his hut to congratulate him and give gifts. Seeing this, Masha decided to seriously prepare for her birthday. And, thanks to her antics, none of the animals will have a chance to forget about her holiday and gift list.

45. The Weird Case 1 November 2014
У Медведя новое хобби — он увлеченно собирает пазл. Испугавшись, что Маша может нарушить его планы, он сооружает себе «домик» на дереве, где и надеется закончить свой шедевр. В это время Маша, начитавшись историй о великом сыщике Шерлоке Холмсе, мечтает распутать какое-нибудь дело, и, неожиданно для себя, попадает прямо на место преступления…
46. Dance Teacher 3 November 2014
The Bear's little cousin Panda visits him again. This time their rivalry with Masha comes to dancing fever. While the pig tries to teach them how to dance the Bear builds the stage in the yard. The forest inhabitants will be really astonished by the dancing show tonight!
47. Victory Cry 24 November 2014
Hoping to charm the female Bear who was fond of playing tennis the Bear builds a tennis court in the yard. The Himalayan bear wants to show off before the female bear and ruins the plan. Masha decides to save the situation and calls the Himalayan bear for a tournament. Masha tries to grasp the playing technique but soon realizes that the victory secret lies in something else…
48. Cave Bear 27 May 2015
Каждому из нас интересно узнать подробности о своих предках: кем они были, чем занимались… Вот и Медведь однажды заинтересовался: как мог выглядеть его пра-пра-пра-пра-Мишка? Чтобы получить ответ на этот вопрос, пришлось срочненько изобрести и построить — что бы вы думали? — машину времени! И уж, разумеется, такое открытие Маша пропустить не могла!

We are interested to know the details of our ancestors: who they were, what they did... So Bear became interested: what would his great-great-great-great-Bear look like? To answer this question, he invents and builds a - what do you think? - time machine! Of course, Masha could not miss such a discovery!

49. Dear Show 9 June 2015

Masha reveals several talents in herself at once, and Bear finally makes a long-awaited purchase - a new modern TV! Masha cannot miss such a great chance to prove to everyone around her that a creative approach to life solves any problem, especially with Panda as your assistant!

50. Harvest Party 17 June 2015
Can you imagine Masha as a magical fairy? What magic could she create? Of course something enchanting and fantastic! Especially when the Bear decided to cheer the Female Bear and organize a masquerade ball! Masha put all her efforts to create a bright, memorable and very harvest party, but this magic evening couldn’t survive without Masha’s tricks…
51. Home-Grown Ninjas 28 June 2015
This is going to be Hiyah! The Bear is tired of being an eternal nanny for Masha and Panda, who have ruined the entire house! He decides to get some rest and hires a special nanny for the little «angels»…
52. See You Later 2 September 2015
You live for yourself, you live, you don't expect a trick from anywhere, and then suddenly - bam! - and how you grow up! And that's it, life is changing dramatically - and not only yours. It was such a distressing surprise that the Bear awaited, when one morning Masha unexpectedly grew up for everyone. Dasha was going to take the changed little sister forever, and, of course, Mishka is ready to do anything to keep his pet by her side. But, despite all the efforts of a friend, Masha leaves for the city from the world of children's fantasies, to which there is no return ... Wait, or is there anyway?

Season 3

Title Release Year
53. Coming Home Ain't Easy 28 November 2015
Мишка тоскует и никак не может прийти в себя от разлуки с Машей. Лесные жители зря время не теряют и, пользуясь её отъездом в город, разбирают все игрушки и веселятся во дворе. Но ведь в жизни возможны любые повороты, и даже обычный телефонный звонок может вернуть всё на круги своя!
54. The Very Fairy Tale 31 December 2015
The Bear still hopes to win the heart of the female Bear. He finds an ancient gondola at the bottom of the forest lake. The Bear decides to restore it and invites the female Bear for a romantic ride! No one would have expected that this story would perfectly match Masha’s new hobby — puppet theatre.
55. Driving Lessons 22 February 2016
Who wants to pimp a car? Then hurry up to stand in a queue! Why? Because in a new, 55th episode there are loads of unexpected things that happened in the forest: Masha appears as a first-rate mechanic, wolves who, obviously, decided to change their occupation appear as taxi drivers … okay, okay… we should stop throwing spoilers around…watch everything yourself!
56. A Ghost Story 16 March 2016
Маша впервые в жизни испугается не на шутку, впрочем, эта жуткая история всполошила весь лес и теперь вряд ли кто-нибудь сможет остаться в стороне от странных событий!
57. Liar, liar, pants on fire! 25 June 2016
Kids love daydreaming and show off their imaginary successes, aren’t they?! Masha and Panda grip into a real cheating competition! This would be very funny story If only all the secrets were not revealed all at the most inopportune time!
58. Like Cat And Mouse 26 August 2016
Alert! Bear’s fridge is in danger! Someone has burst into his house to stay for life…but the Bear is ready for everything to defend his stocks! He calls for a savior, but in reality it turns to be a new intriguing story full of unexpected discoveries which leads Masha to some peculiar conclusions!
59. Game Over 14 October 2016
Медведь перестал выходить из дома, заниматься хозяйством и сажать свои любимые овощи! Маша и остальные лесные жители не на шутку обеспокоены и хотят помочь Медведю! Получится ли вернуть его к реальной жизни, или все — Game over?!
60. At Your Rules! 18 November 2016
История двух роботов — один подарен Маше и был всего лишь продвинутой куклой, другой был сделан Медведем для домашних дел, но попытался стать главным в доме, и только его неожиданно проснувшееся чувство к Машиной кукле поставило все на свои места.
61. Do Not Part With Your Toy! 23 December 2016
Приходит волшебное время чудес! Маша с нетерпением ждёт новогодних подарков- новых кукол и игрушек…однако ее старые друзья, похоже, на неё обиделись. Маше приходится ответить на непростой вопрос: как сохранить дружбу и не растерять старых друзей в погоне за новогодними желаниями?
62. Please, Sleep, Sleep! 3 February 2017
Медведь делится с Машей опытом залегания в зимнюю спячку и учит ее считать овечек, чтобы быстрее уснуть! Маша так увлекается их подсчётом, что затевает свою, совсем не колыбельную историю с весёлыми песнями и танцами…
63. Surprise! Surprise! Happy Easter 7 April 2017
The wolves come up with a new idea how to get a stable and nutritious food source…they rob a poultry farm and get a…rooster. Meanwhile Masha and the hare arrange a real egg hunt for all their friends and neighbours! All forest dwellers are very excited to get chocolate eggs except for the wolves who long for some real food… Masha decides to help poor guys and arranges a splendid dinner!
64. Three Musketeers 19 May 2017
Настоящие мушкетёры всегда готовы прийти на помощь, особенно, когда речь идёт о делах сердечных! Мишка готовит подарок ко дню рождения Медведицы и надеется вручить его лично, однако в самый неподходящий момент его атакуют пчёлы. Друзья готовы выручить Мишку и доставить подарок, даже если для этого им придётся сразиться с самим волками «кардинала»!
65. Have Contact 14 Jule 2017
Во дворе Мишкиного дома совершает экстренную посадку инопланетный корабль. Пришельцам нужно срочно пополнить запасы и возвращаться домой. Только на земле всё устроено совсем не так, как у них дома. Разобраться, что к чему, починить корабль и отправиться в обратный путь помогут Маша и Мишка.
66. Tee for Three 31 August 2017
Как непросто сохранять спокойствие, когда в доме бушуют два маленьких сорванца. Панда и Маша шалят днями напролёт. Чтобы справиться со стрессом, Мишке нужен хороший отдых. Получится ли ему восстановить внутренние силы или двое непосед не дадут ему покоя?
67. Best Circus 13 October 2017
Весна — время веселиться и играть. В лесу тает снег, и Маша и пингвин резвятся, забыв обо всём. В результате Маша заболевает. Болеть нелегко, но как приятно, когда рядом есть те, кто всегда готов позаботиться и развлечь. Ведь лучшее лекарство — это смех! Машины гости нашли рецепт быстрого выздоровления — это цирк!
68. Additional Entertainment 22 December 2017
Играть в квартете не так-то просто как кажется, особенно если между музыкантами нет сладу. Об этом Маше расскажет папа Медведя, который приехал в гости. А еще он расскажет о том, каким Медведь был в детстве и как проказничал вместе с Гималайским мишкой. Изменилось ли что-то с тех пор? Об этом мы узнаем из новой серии. И главное, всех объединит музыка!
69. Relax and Just Relax 22 February 2018
Маша увлеченно играет в дочки-матери, а Розочка хочет попробовать на вкус самостоятельную жизнь. Она меняется местами с волками и теперь они — объект Машиных забот и ухаживаний. Розочка же наслаждается взрослой жизнью, в которой всё не так просто…
70. The Star from the Sky 12 April 2018
Как вы думаете, сложно ли достать звезду с неба? Для наших героев нет ничего невозможного! Нужно только построить ракету и взять с собой парочку верных друзей, и незабываемые приключения вам обеспечены. Мишка, Маша и Панда не только побывали на луне, но и привезли Медведице желанный подарок. Какой? Конечно, космический!
71. What a Wonderful Game! 25 May 2018
Хоккей — это не просто игра, а игра для самых смелых, сильных и ловких. Кто они, лучшие игроки в хоккей? В новой серии Маша собирает крутую команду и выступает в роли безупречного тренера по хоккею.
72. That's Your Cue! 6 July 2018
An old friend comes to visit the Bear. He brings along an amazing game — billiards. Isn't it an excuse to have fun and compete? However, it's not so easy when Masha enters the game…
73. Fishy Story 31 August 2018
Лето — время отдыха и чудес. Как приятно просто посидеть на берегу реки в компании лучших друзей! Однако в нашей истории всё не так просто, ведь отправляясь на летнюю рыбалку, Мишка даже не подозревал, какое приключение его ждёт. Пока напуганные его внезапным исчезновением Маша и Медведица обследуют окрестности, он… впрочем, посмотрев серию, вы сами всё узнаете.
74. Monkey Business 19 October 2018
No child likes to live by the rules: clean up after themselves, learn, do homework in time... It's much more interesting to go on a fun adventure with new friends. But how will such a tempting journey end? In this new episode, Masha decides to quit her previous life and... disappears! Will the Bear find her?
75. That's below! 16 November 2018
Маша мечтает о царской жизни: роскошном дворце, шикарном автомобиле. Мечтает отдавать приказы и чтобы все лесные жители их исполняли. Мечтает властвовать. Куда же приводят эти мечты и что на самом деле означает «жить по-царски»?
76. All Life Theatre 25 January 2019
Лучшее средство от скуки - хорошая игра. А хорошая игра в театре - ещё лучше. Именно так решили Маша, Даша, Панда и Розочка. Вот только договориться о том, в какой именно театр играть оказалось не так-то просто...
77. Around the world in one hour 15 March 2019
Мишка готовится отправиться в кругосветное путешествие, но в последний момент случайность заставляет его поволноваться. Маша же знает лучший способ подготовки и делится им с Мишкой.
78. What to Be? 26 April 2019
Кем быть, когда вырастешь? Поиск ответа на этот вопрос - один из самых сложных процессов для каждого ребёнка. Маша не исключение. Мишка же убеждает её, что в любой ситуации главное - оставаться собой.

Season 4

Title Release Year
79. Everyone loves to sing there! 31 May 2019
Так приятно помечтать о путешествиях, особенно, когда ты провинился и наказан. Солнечная Италии манит забыть обо всём насущном и заставляет Машу петь от всей души.

It's so nice to dream about traveling, especially when you are being punished. Sunny Italy beckons Masha to forget about everything else and sing with all her heart!

80. The last squeak of fashion Coming Soon! 2020
Official Description to be available...
81. Goodbye, Goat & Pig Coming Soon! 2020
Official Description to be available...

Season 5

Title Release Year
79. Rabbits' hungry and lazy 1 December 2020