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Female Bear[1] (also She-Bear) is the characters of the Masha and the Bear series.

Intelligent and good-natured friend of the Bear. The Bear is enamored of her and sometimes goes out of his way to impress or even woo her.

She is one of the few characters with a clearly traced story line. The first time she rebuffed Bear in favor of the Black Bear, only to realize how self-absorbed he is, and another time she turned her nose up at the Bear's classical guitar playing as she preferred more modern music. Even so, the She-Bear usually opens up to the Bear, such as the time she agreed to have a dinner with him, and she is sometimes kind to Masha, such as giving her a fashion magazine, helping to train her for her tennis match against the Black Bear, and helping her learn to ice-skate.

She has been acquainted with Bear and Black Bear since childhood, when Bear's father tried to make a music band from them. Since then, she can play some musical instruments.


It has wool of light brown color. She loves raspberries, flowers, reading and listening to rock. She is fond of tennis.




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