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Dasha (rus. Даша) is a recurring character in the Masha and the Bear series.

She is Masha's cousin. According to Goggle she is older than Masha, and she appears to be older. She is a bit more mature than Masha. Dasha has very light blonde hair, tied in bunches, and blue eyes. She wears blue wired spectacles-or glasses-, and was first seen in a red dress and white collared shirt.

Dasha has exceedingly good manners, as she curtsies upon arriving at Masha's house. However, she is very frustrated with Masha's unexpected ways.

Dasha lives in the city, as she likes it there, and only occasionally comes to visit Masha to get some fresh air and relax in the magic forest[1]. When Masha suddenly «matured», Dasha decided that she already can also go to the city. However, the growing up was provisional and Dasha had to return her sister to the station.



Interesting Facts

  • While in the paired series 52. See You Later and 53. Coming Home Ain't Easy the voice actress of Masha changes to a six-year-old Varvara Sarantseva, Dasha still has Alina Kukushkina. Thus, Dasha «voice» becomes more adult than Masha's.
  • In the Russian version, Masha calls Dasha just a «сестра» (sister), which is the same for «родная сестра» (relative) and «двоюродная сестра» (cousin). Because of this for a long time there was no unambiguous understanding of their kinship ties. Fans asked about this and received the following response from the creators: «Бывают такие близкие двоюродные сёстры, что как родные. А бывает, родные становятся такими далёкими, что и поговорить не о чем» (There are such close cousins that as relatives. And it happens, that the relative becomes so far away that with him nothing to talk about.)[2].


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