Christmas songs — composition from episode 03. One, Two, Three! Light the Christmas Tree! of the series Masha and the Bear.

It’s our favorite tradition
To get gifts that Santa brought.
Santa did complete his mission
And found out who’s nice, who’s not.
We’re expecting lots of presents
Cannot wait for Christmas Eve.
But it’s better to be pleasant
And to give than to receive.

Original lyrics

  • Bold marked the words sounded in the episode.

To us festive Christmas tree
Await guests from different places,
All not angry at all,
Nobody nobody eats.
Even the snow running, skipping,
And not just going,
Opens like a book,
Our cheerful New Year!

All in a good mood,
And thorns hid the hedgehog.
And General birthday
This wonderful day is like.
Skiing there? Get up on skis.
Postavy, go, ride,
To white, black, red
Each gift received.

White snow sparkles brightly,
And gifts everyone is waiting for,
Because without gifts
No New Year.
Looking forward to the holiday,
Make a gift to receive,
But much nicer
Him to give.