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Black Bear (also Muscular Bear) is a main character in the Masha and the Bear series.

A Himalayan Black Bear, Mishka's archenemy and his chief rival for the attentions of the She-Bear.


Black Bear looks larger than Bear (despite probably being younger), with a dark-brown coat and a white spot of sickle-shaped form (or else in the form of the letter V) characteristic of Himalayan bears.


Black Bear is selfish, arrogant and indecent, cheating to win against Masha in a tennis game, and laughing at her when she grows gigantic. Their competition for the attention of She-Bear is one of the main plotlines in the story; in ep. 59. Game Over, Bear has a nightmare of him having children with She-Bear.

Black Bear's hobbies include fishing and pumping muscles. He has been acquainted with Bear and She-Bear since childhood, when Bear's father tried to make a music band from them. Since then, he can play some musical instruments.

Black Bear has a poor reputation in the forest and is disliked by most main characters (in the exception of She-Bear).



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