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Aliens are character's from the Masha and the Bear series.

Trinity aliens are anthropomorphic, but have four legs, four hands with three fingers and four eyes (two eyes are large and two in the middle are small). They are short, yellow with spotted skin, differ in the color of the spots and the number of outgrowth on the head.

  • Senior — has red spots and one outgrowth, performs the role of the chief, commands, makes decisions.
  • Secondary — has purple spots and two outgrowth, serves as an assistant, is smart, offers solutions.
  • Younger — green spots, outgrowth — three, more stupid, cowardly and naive than comrades.

He shipwreck in space and landed near the Bear's house. Bear helped them get back to the spase station. All three have some resemblance to Masha — they jumped on Bear's bed and were delighted with him cups and awards.



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