Best Circus (titled Best Medicine on screen) is the sixty-seventh episode in the Masha and The Bear Series


It's winter approaching spring in the forest. Penguin has flown over from the south to see Masha and Bear. Masha has plans to use the melted snow (water) as a river for something to sail on. With that , she grabs a boat from inside a glass bottle (how , I'll never know) and she takes it out to sail. Bear tries to get her to wear warm clothes to avoid catching a cold but Masha impatiently ignores him and leaves before he can put the clothes on her. Inevitably , she gets a cold but not before she's taken to sea on one broken piece of ice sailing away as the entire snowy floor shatters around her. Bear saves her , but then has another problem to deal with ;curing her. He tries everything but Masha refuses every attempt. Then Bear gets the idea to put on a circus for Masha in the hope that it will cure her. Can Bear cure Masha? And will we ever find out what the best medicine is?

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