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Once Upon In A Year (named Once A Year on the screen) is the fourty - fourth episode in the Masha and The Bear Series


It's Bear's birthday and everyone in the forest is at his house to celebrate. Everyone except one tiny little energised girl ; Masha. She does eventually come over , but she spoils the party by eating the whole cake that Female Bear made for him. Everyone goes home and Masha is the last to leave. She starts planning her own birthday and asks Bear not to forget it. The next day , she goes to check that Bear didn't forget. He didn't. And he didn't get a chance to either xD. Because for the next few weeks , Masha stuck reminders around the forest in a variety of creative ways. She would be damned if she didn't get any presents on her 'birthday'. None of the forest inhabitants want to do anything for her considering how much hell she puts them all through on the daily basis. But they also know that Masha will flip out if she doesn't get what she wants. Will they be able to collect all the gifts that Masha wants and make her first birthday memorable?


It's only in this episode that's revealed that we have absolutely no idea how old Masha really is. Her age has never been revealed and it's not confirmed in this episode either.