Tracks of Unknown Animals (rus. Следы невиданных зверей) — the fourth episode of the first season of the series Masha and the Bear, release 5 February 2009.


The first snow falls and the Bear decides to teach Masha how to distinguish the tracks of different animals. Masha is quite far from being a good student and brings the poor Bear almost to madness. But to his great surprise it turns out that some of her answers were not as absurd as they seemed to be.





  • The title of the episode is a reference to A. Pushkin's poem «Ruslan and Ludmila», where there is a line «Там на неведомых дорожках следы невиданных зверей» («Where unknown beasts move never seen by man's eyes»).
  • The Bear, in order to show Masha the rabbit, paints in the snow the rabbit Jumper from the animated series «Kikoriki».