How They Meet (rus. Первая встреча) — the first episode of the first season of the series Masha and the Bear, release 7 January 2009.


Masha walks into the forest where she finds a cozy-looking Bear’s house, who at this moment has just gone fishing. Upon his return, he discovers his lovely house in shambles. The Bear does his best to get rid of the pesky guest, but when he succeeds, he suddenly feels anxiety for the little child he left in the forest. The Bear rushes to find her and finally discovers her in his own house, cleaning around.





  • This is the only series in which the courtyard of the house of Masha shows the chickens.
  • In this series in the Bear's house there is no TV (and nothing else which would prevent him from being there).
  • The first series was created by the studio «Animaccord» in conjunction with the studio «Asymmetric VFX Studio».